Live Streaming, Online Classes & Gaming

Charity live streaming gives you incredible freedom to fundraise your way. Whatever your talent, hobby or challenge, it’s a great way of turning your passion into life changing donations. It’s incredible exciting, everyone can do it and it really gets people talking. Whether you’re live streaming a challenge, an online class or a gaming marathon, we can help you.

The magic of livestreaming is its fantastic reach. It’s really exciting and it gets people talking. Because you’re broadcasting publicly, your potential audience is wide so the more people that watch your stream, the more money you can raise for Norwood.

So what is Live Streaming?

It’s when you broadcast a video in real time on the internet, ie completing a challenge of 50 burpees a day for 50 days, streaming an online class (whether you are a keen dancer, baker, yoga instructor, linguist or musician!), a gaming marathon or demonstrating your wild side by shaving your head – everyone who watches the livestream will see the challenge and have a chance to donate.

What do I do?

  • Firstly set up a fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving or Justgiving and nominate Norwood as your chosen charity.
  • Choose the platform you want to use.
    Facebook, Instagram, or Zoom if you want to share it to a specific audience like friends and family.
    YouTube if you’d like to reach a wider audience.
    Twitch + Tiltify are the go-to platforms if you want to live steam a gaming marathon
  • Host the event and set milestones, incentives and lots of shout outs to get people involved and donating.


Got a question or want to talk to us about an event or idea, then get in touch and email us at

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