Sophia's parents, Lauren and Daniel, share their story with you...

When Sophia was about six months old, we realised she was not reaching key milestones. Countless consultations later, we were told that she has a rare chromosome disorder. This has resulted in our precious child having to live with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Five years ago, we knew very little about children with special needs. Now, we know it's not just the child who has special needs, but the whole family.

In spring 2015, we got in touch with Norwood. Since then we've made full use of its services; services money just can't buy. From warm and caring clubs for Sophia, to invaluable parenting support for us, to supportive siblings' groups for Sophia's elder sister.

Norwood has been there at every stage of our journey and will continue to play a key role in all our lives. Being the parents of a child with special needs is physically and emotionally exhausting, resulting in feelings of guilt, failure, pride, heartbreak, silence, isolation...

And through it all, Norwood's been there for us.

Now it's your chance to be there for Norwood.

Thank you and Shana Tova

Lauren and Daniel

Sophia at one
Sophia at one
'An initial diagnosis can be devastating but Lauren deals with things with a strength I can't personally muster. I've a new-found sense of admiration for her.' Daniel
Norwood service used: Rainbow Group
For parents/carers of children aged 0 to 8 with special educational needs and/or a disability and their siblings
Sophia at two
Sophia at two
'Being Sophia's mum is a full-time job in its own right. I feel guilty leaving Lauren to deal with the brunt of the caring while I'm having a “normal” life at work.' Daniel
Norwood service used: Teeny Tiny
Play sessions for children with complex health needs and a welcome break for their parents/carers
Sophia at three
Sophia at three
'When you’re faced with life’s challenges, you get a different sense of perspective. I’ve heard conversations where parents have said they’d be "horrified" if their child became a waitress. At the moment, we’re working on the sitting and communicating.' Lauren
Norwood service used: Parenting Support
Lauren and Daniel see a Norwood family support worker for practical advice and planning assistance
Sophia at four
Sophia at four
'There’s a mixture of pride and heartbreak seeing Sophia's elder sister, Chloe, handling having a disabled sister. She's already witnessed more than any child should.' Lauren
Norwood service used: Siblings' Group
Ongoing support for children who have a brother or sister with special educational needs and/or a disability
Sophia at five
Sophia at five
'Planning for the future has taken on a very different meaning. We've now got to think about how we'll provide for Sophia in the short, medium and long term. There'll come a point when we can't look after her ourselves and that’s a difficult future to envisage.' Daniel
Norwood service used: Unity
For children and young people aged 5 to 18 with learning disabilities to make friends and enjoy new experiences


enables a family to gain valuable advice from a family support worker.
allows a child with a brother or sister with a disability to share their experiences at our weekly Sibling' Group.
supports a parent and their child at our Rainbow Group for a full term.


No one knows what the future holds for Sophia and her family.

But whatever they might need in the years to come, thanks to your donations, Norwood will be there.