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Norwood transforms the lives of thousands of people every year. People such as Jacqueline. Click here to read how her family reached crisis point during the recent coronavirus lockdown and how Norwood offered life-changing support and guidance in their time of need.

From special educational needs to marriage breakdown to bereavement, Norwood provides a lifeline for children and families in crisis. For people with learning disabilities and autism, Norwood offers lifelong support to enable and empower everyone to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

None of this vital work would be possible without the support of people like you. Thousands of people in our community can’t imagine their lives without Norwood. With your support, they won’t have to.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Dr Beverley Jacobson, Norwood chief executive

Jacqueline’s Journal 2020


Looks like Ellie’s assessments for her special educational needs are going to take even longer to happen now. We’re going into lockdown. Wish me luck!


The loss of routine and seeing her friends is proving hard for Ellie and she and Sam are bickering non-stop. This is turning out even worse than I’d imagined. It’s not his fault but Gary being an essential worker doesn’t help. It means that most of the time I’m trying to home-school, work, cook, clean and keep it all together on my own.


Early May
Things are going from bad to worse. Ellie is refusing to get dressed. Today, she won’t even come out of her room and when she does she’s shouting and trying to cause conflict. Her behaviour is having an impact on Sam now and it’s heartbreaking to see the effect on my little boy.


Late May
I’m at my wits’ end and I’ve hit rock bottom. Yesterday, when I was on a work call, for some reason I decided to open my heart to my colleague. I told her I was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. Today, I got a call from Norwood’s counselling hotline. We’ll see…


I always knew Norwood was amazing but they have been incredible. It’s strange to think that in the three years I’ve worked there I never thought I’d have to use their services.


What can I say? Ellie is being seen by someone from Norwood’s occupational therapy team and we now have one diagnosis. What a relief! She’s already feeling more understood. And I’ve been given some great advice and strategies, too, including little things that have made such a big difference – things like, if I only give Ellie a choice of two things to wear it stops her feeling overwhelmed and she gets dressed without conflict.


Opening my heart to a colleague may be the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel as if I have my Ellie back and it’s wonderful to see the sparkle in Sam’s eyes again. The journey ahead is a long one but without Norwood at our side, I don’t think my family would have survived.




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