Welcome to Norwood’s 2016/17 Annual Review 2016/2017 has been a tremendous time of change for us here at Norwood: a year of personal bests for us and the people we support. We have continued to evolve into an organisation that

Norwood increased assistive technology in our services We increased the use of assistive technology in our services, significantly improving the quality of life for so many of our supported-living residents. Our home on Lyonsdown Road, Barnet is our latest smart

We supported over 70 children across 34 schools Our vital work with children continued, with Norwood providing support for over 70 children across 34 schools. Our training sessions on Down’s syndrome at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School and on mental health

Our partnership programme continued to expand Our partnership programme continued to thrive, demonstrating our strength as one of the country’s top service providers. The programme has given volunteers, such as 70 from the National Citizen Service, fantastic learning opportunities (and

Lifelong Learning services reached more people Painting, drawing and singing are not just hobbies – they are skills that, once learnt, significantly enhance the quality of lives and achieve improved health outcomes for the people we support. These skills are

Social work services continued their vital work Our social work services continued their vital work, helping to improve the lives of over 250 families who have experienced physical and sexual abuse or family breakdowns, are learning to live with behavioural

Our school partnership program Through our school partnership program we offered a range of services to 830 children, 590 teachers and 390 families who benefitted from individual or group counselling sessions. We also ran weekly therapeutic counselling sessions across five

Ravenswood Development reached key milestone Our five year plan to develop Ravenswood Village has progressed as planned; with Norwood securing plans to invest in a development project that will see a major upgrade to its residential accommodation and facilities. Development

Building our young volunteering support Young people are the future of Norwood and this year, our young people’s volunteering programme has continued to grow in strength and popularity. 706 people aged 16-25 supported Norwood, with an estimated 5,000 hours donated

Where our money came from RECURRENT INCOME £31.5 MILLION £18.9 million60% Adult learning disability services £9.2 million29.2% Fundraising £2.1 million 6.7% Children and Specialist Education Services £0.9 million2.9% Legacies £0.4 million1.2% Investments

How we spent our money RECURRENT EXPENDITURE £34.1 MILLION £24.4 million71.4% Adult Learning Disability Services £6.0 million17.7% Children and Specialist Education Services £3.6 million 10.5% Fundraising £0.1 million0.3% Investment £0.02 million0.1% Legacies

Our values We are the largest Jewish charity in the UK supporting vulnerable children and families, children with Special educational needs and people with learning disabilities. Norwood was founded in 1795 and remains today the only Jewish charity to have

WELCOME TO NORWOOD’S 2015/16 ANNUAL REVIEW “ As Chief Executive of the UK’s largest Jewish children, family and learning disability charity, I’m proud of Norwood and the many things we’ve achieved in 2015/16. I feel confident that with the support

Our impact This is how we have made a difference over the past year Offering family support Providing educational support Enabling choice for adults with learning disabilities Building our workforce’s skills Working in partnership   Scroll down to read more

A year of fundraising Twenty-two runners raised an outstanding £80,000 for Norwood after completing the Virgin Money London Marathon. Over 330 business leaders raised a record-breaking £135,000 at Norwood’s annual Private Equity Dinner at London’s Savoy Hotel. Norwood’s annual Property

How we spent our money RECURRENT EXPENDITURE £35.1 MILLION £25.8 million73.5% Learning Disability Services £3.8 million10.9% Fundraising £3.6 million 10.2% Specialist Education Support Service £0.1 million0.3% Legacy management £1.8 million5.1% Children and Family Services

Our people Patrons Patron – Her Majesty The QueenPatron of Children’s Services – Cherie Blair CBEPatron of Adult Services – Norma Brier OBEPatron of Volunteering – Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis   Presidents Joint PresidentsLord Mendelsohn and Lady Mendelsohn CBE Honorary