Welcome to Norwood’s 2016/17 Annual Review

Elaine Kerr2016/2017 has been a tremendous time of change for us here at Norwood: a year of personal bests for us and the people we support. We have continued to evolve into an organisation that is flexible, innovative and fit for the future.

I am extremely proud of Norwood’s accomplishments over the past year and I am confident that with the support of our donors, we can continue be at the forefront in providing the best care and support possible for those who need us; now and into the future.

Elaine Kerr, Chief Executive

Norwood increased assistive technology in our services

We increased the use of assistive technology in our services, significantly improving the quality of life for so many of our supported-living residents. Our home on Lyonsdown Road, Barnet is our latest smart technology success story. It combines state-of-the-art supported living technology in accommodation that is designed to feel like a home, with all of the creature comforts. Its five tenants will have the opportunity to live the life they deserve for as long as they need.

Living independently is giving Stephanie the confidence to let her sense of humour and mischievous side come to the fore. Stephanie can control her environment – for example, open and close her bedroom door – and have fun and learn in the house’s own sensory room. She is also learning to use Eye Gaze technology, which will further increase her ability to make choices and do things for herself.

Judith Harris, whose daughter Stephanie lives at Lyonsdown

We supported over 70 children across 34 schools

Our vital work with children continued, with Norwood providing support for over 70 children across 34 schools. Our training sessions on Down’s syndrome at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School and on mental health at Akiva Primary School helped spread awareness so that children can better understand the needs, thoughts and opinions of sufferers. Our popular drop-in sessions for parents at Pardes House Primary School and The Kennedy Leigh Family Centre were enormously helpful to those seeking information, guidance and support.

Our partnership programme continued to expand

Our partnership programme continued to thrive, demonstrating our strength as one of the country’s top service providers. The programme has given volunteers, such as 70 from the National Citizen Service, fantastic learning opportunities (and the chance to have a lot of fun too). Every year these special partnerships are celebrated at our Volunteer Recognition Awards ceremony.

Lifelong Learning services reached more people

Painting, drawing and singing are not just hobbies – they are skills that, once learnt, significantly enhance the quality of lives and achieve improved health outcomes for the people we support. These skills are taught by our Life Skills and Learning Service; who delivered an extensive range of courses and sessions over the year, which was further enhanced by over 314 hours of volunteer support from September to December 2016.

Social work services continued their vital work

Our social work services continued their vital work, helping to improve the lives of over 250 families who have experienced physical and sexual abuse or family breakdowns, are learning to live with behavioural issues or coping with bereavement.

Without Sue [Norwood Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist] and Norwood’s support, I may never have gone to university. Sue laid the foundations for me to pursue other things in my life. When I hear her words in my head, I can cope with things now. Sue has been like an angel in my life and I owe so much to Norwood.


Our school partnership program

Through our school partnership program we offered a range of services to 830 children, 590 teachers and 390 families who benefitted from individual or group counselling sessions. We also ran weekly therapeutic counselling sessions across five schools. These sessions focussed on well-being and went a long way toward reducing self-harm in students, while boosting their self-esteem at a time when they can be at their most vulnerable.

Ravenswood Development reached key milestone

Our five year plan to develop Ravenswood Village has progressed as planned; with Norwood securing plans to invest in a development project that will see a major upgrade to its residential accommodation and facilities. Development of the Ravenswood site will see Norwood invest in brand-new self contained fully accessible homes and ancillary infrastructure ensuring Norwood can continue to deliver outstanding support to current and future residents.

Read more about this exciting project here

Building our young volunteering support

Young people are the future of Norwood and this year, our young people’s volunteering programme has continued to grow in strength and popularity. 706 people aged 16-25 supported Norwood, with an estimated 5,000 hours donated in volunteering time this last year! The work of our wonderful volunteers, of all ages, is celebrated at our annual Volunteer Recognition Awards.

Where our money came from




£18.9 million60%

Adult learning disability services
£9.2 million29.2%

£2.1 million
Children and Specialist Education Services
£0.9 million2.9%

£0.4 million1.2%


How we spent our money




£24.4 million71.4%

Adult Learning Disability Services
£6.0 million17.7%

Children and Specialist Education Services
£3.6 million
£0.1 million0.3%

£0.02 million0.1%


Our values

We are the largest Jewish charity in the UK supporting vulnerable children and families, children with Special educational needs and people with learning disabilities. Norwood was founded in 1795 and remains today the only Jewish charity to have the honour of the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen.

We passionately believe everyone, irrespective of their abilities or circumstances, has the right to live the life they choose and achieve their goals. We uphold five key values namely;

Empowering the people we support to maximise their potential.
Always maintaining professional standards and codes of conduct with all we work with.
Being supportive to all those who turn to us.
Maintaining honourability in the way we perform our services.
Embracing innovation and finding new approaches that will benefit the organisation as a whole and those we support.


Elaine KerrAs Chief Executive of the UK’s largest Jewish children, family and learning disability charity, I’m proud of Norwood and the many things we’ve achieved in 2015/16. I feel confident that with the support of our donors, Norwood will remain a sustainable and significant provider of high-quality services, and continue to go from strength to strength.

Elaine Kerr, CEO

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Our impact

This is how we have made a difference over the past year

Offering family support

Providing educational support

Enabling choice for adults with learning disabilities

Building our workforce’s skills

Working in partnership


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Offering family support

Over 3,000 children and families gained invaluable support, advice and information


More than 3,000 people accessed our children and family services, which enabled them to cope better with issues including family breakdown, mental health, parenting and bereavement.

We see very vulnerable families coming to us for support. Family breakdown is the reason for a high proportion of our family support cases – and specifically the impact of parental separation on the children. We support children in a holistic way, so we will work also with the child’s school, GP, and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), with the parents’ consent.

Ravi Walters, Family Support Manager


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269 families benefitted from social work

Children from 269 families were safeguarded by Norwood’s social workers, who worked with vulnerable children dealing with mental, physical and sexual abuse, family breakdowns, behavioural issues, addiction and bereavement.

Thank-you letters from a mum and child who used Norwood’s social work service



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Norwood improved vulnerable children and families’ life chances



Norwood refocused our family support work by introducing an Early Intervention manager and team to identify children and families who might be at risk of running into difficulties, and to provide timely and effective support to prevent problems escalating.

I am confident that by developing and implementing an Early Intervention strategy, Norwood will be able to provide a range of collaborative, efficient and timely support services for children and families.

Madeleine Levy, Early Interventions Manager


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32 children thrived after attending Norwood’s Stepping Up course

Children with social and emotional difficulties emerged as confident and self-assured young people after expressing their feelings and sharing experiences during Norwood’s Stepping Up eight-week course and four-day intensive summer course.

Thank-you letter from a mum whose child participated in our Stepping Up course



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