2017 – Norwood increased assistive technology in our services

Norwood increased assistive technology in our services

We increased the use of assistive technology in our services, significantly improving the quality of life for so many of our supported-living residents. Our home on Lyonsdown Road, Barnet is our latest smart technology success story. It combines state-of-the-art supported living technology in accommodation that is designed to feel like a home, with all of the creature comforts. Its five tenants will have the opportunity to live the life they deserve for as long as they need.

Living independently is giving Stephanie the confidence to let her sense of humour and mischievous side come to the fore. Stephanie can control her environment – for example, open and close her bedroom door – and have fun and learn in the house’s own sensory room. She is also learning to use Eye Gaze technology, which will further increase her ability to make choices and do things for herself.

Judith Harris, whose daughter Stephanie lives at Lyonsdown