Norwood made huge savings on recruitment

Norwood made huge savings on recruitment

250 young people gained volunteering experience


Norwood reduced its recruitment costs by £66,000 by directly recruiting over 330 staff and bringing our recruitment advertising in house. We also appointed a new Mobile Recruitment Co-ordinator who delivered approximately 600 hours per week in casual staffing hours to replace agency staffing hours, increasing the quality of staff while lowering costs.

Norwood launched a young people’s programme, offering those aged between 12 and 21 vital volunteering experiences across the organisation, such as in our children’s and adult services, and fundraising, finance and workforce departments.

Norwood is committed to supporting young people, so our young people’s programme was created to prepare them for the challenges ahead and to provide them with experiences that they can put to further use within Norwood or outside the organisation. Through this programme, young people also get the opportunity to interact with people with learning disabilities, gaining valuable insight and knowledge that could prove useful in future roles.

Jennie Wharram, Business Development Manager for Volunteering and Trading


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