Ravenswood Development Plans

Exciting news about Ravenswood

You may have heard that we are planning a major improvement to the housing and facilities at Ravenswood, and this page will explain what we are planning to do, and how we will be paying for this innovate £10 million upgrade.


What is Ravenswood?

Norwood’s Ravenswood Village was established in 1953 by four families who wanted to provide education and care for their learning disabled children. Now home to 112 people with a broad spectrum of learning disabilities, Ravenswood has evolved into a vibrant community where many residents have lived since childhood.

In order to continue to deliver outstanding support to current and future residents of Ravenswood, Norwood has spearheaded a review of the site to ensure is better positioned to support the people who benefit from its services, not just now, but well into the future.

The review concluded that a number of the dwellings on the Ravenswood site were no longer fit for purpose and a number of the buildings were becoming derelict.

What do we plan to do?

After extensive consultation, it was determined that in order to continue to provide high level care and support to Norwood’s Ravenswood residents, Norwood would embark on a massive redevelopment project seeing current derelict buildings demolished and the land on which they stood sold.

The funds from the sale of the land would see Norwood construct brand new, fit for purpose, self contained units of accommodation, providing residents’ spaces with which to live independently with Norwood’s support.

Following completion of the development of Ravenswood, it will support current residents to stay at Ravenswood as well as become an attractive prospect for future generations of people with learning disabilities who need support, whilst living inclusive lives.

In addition to improving the buildings currently used by those who live and work at Ravenswood, utilising land surrounding the site to develop housing for sale and rent, together with a vibrant village centre with retail and other resources available to everyone who lives there will transform the community.

What’s the future?

The development of Ravenswood will transform the community into an attractive, inclusive and dynamic place that forms a recognisable and valued part of the Wokingham and Crowthorne area.

Ravenswood is a major employer in the Crowthorne and Wokingham areas, employing nearly 470 people. Its contribution to the local economy is just one of the benefits the development will contribute to the surrounding area.