Gender Pay Gap Report – April 2018

Norwood is the largest Jewish charity in the UK supporting vulnerable children and their families, children with special educational needs and people with learning disabilities. Founded in 1795, Norwood is one of the UK’s oldest charities and the only Jewish charity to enjoy the Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen. We help children and adults to maximise their potential at home, at school and throughout their lives, through personalised services designed to enable choice.

This document provides Norwood’s Gender Pay information as calculated within the pay period of April 2018 to include the 5th April 2018 in line with the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017. A pay period takes into account all of the employees who were employed and working for Norwood during the set time frame mentioned.

Our Workforce:

  Male Female
5th April 2018 220 595

Our Gender Pay gap:

Mean Difference
Median Difference
2.65% -0.10%

The results of our gender pay gap demonstrated a slight variance between the hourly rate of pay, where male employees had a slightly higher hourly rate of pay in comparison to our results in 2017. This was due to reduction in male employees in the 1st Quartile and an increase in male employees in roles within the 4th Quartile.

Our Male & Female workforce in each quartile of pay:

Quartile Male Female
1st 28.8% 71.2%
2nd 32.8% 67.2%
3rd 20.6% 79.4%
4th 25.4% 74.6%

Bonus Pay:

Norwood does not operate a bonus scheme system within the workforce, however merit awards were given to individuals who have acted up, taken on additional responsibilities, received honorarium payments or payment from the employee referral schemes.

Proportion of those who received a merit payment:

Male Female
0% 4.3%
Bonus Pay Gap:

Mean Difference Median Difference

I confirm that the above detailed information in relation to Norwood’s gender pay gap and bonus pay gap is accurate.

Signed: Shona McBride

Dated: 7th January 2019