200 years of Royal Patronage

Two hundred years ago Norwood’s earliest incarnation, The Jews’ Hospital, became the first and only Jewish charity to be honoured with the appointment of a Royal patron.

Impressed by the work of the Goldsmid brothers following their establishment of the charity in 1795, Queen Victoria’s uncle, Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, officially took up the role of Patron at its ‘Festival Dinner’ on May 9, 1815.

To the right you can see a photograph of the original letter from the Duke, dated May 9, 1815, acknowledging the vote of thanks received on becoming the first Royal Patron of Jews’ Hospital.

In an era which had not yet seen emancipation of Jews in public life, the Duke’s public support was a bold move that helped secure the future of the charity.

Subsequent Patrons have included his brother, Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge; and then from the reign of King Edward VII, every British monarch up to the present day.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been Norwood’s Patron since she acceded to the Throne in 1952.

The letter confirming renewal of the Royal Patronage is on the right hand side.

Norwood is currently the only Jewish charity which enjoys the patronage of Her Majesty.

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