Passover game cards

Cut out the cards below and use them to practice Passover Key Terms in a variety of fun ways as listed below. Please also see what these activities are ‘working on’ and how they might support your child’s development:

As a Memory game

Print out the cards twice. Cut out the cards and place them face down. Each person is allowed to turn a card over two at a time. If the cards match you can keep the pair! If they don’t match, the next person has a go. Try and remember which one turned over earlier in the game- this will help you to make a match on your next go!
Working on: visual memory, visual perception, planning, turn-taking.

As a Bowling Game

Attach cards to empty water bottles, and put them in a range of formations. Encourage your child to position the water bottles and tell you which one they are aiming for. If you don’t have a ball to knock over the bottles, try making one from rolled up newspaper!
Working on: motor planning, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, spatial awareness.

Hide and seek

Finding the Afikomen training! Hide cards around the living room and practice towards finding the “Afikomen” on Seder night. Use ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ as a guide to let your child know if they are getting closer or further away.
Working on: directionality, spatial awareness, visual memory, visual perception, gross motor skills

Chief Table Designer

Ask your child to cut out cards and add a guest’s name to each one. These can be used as table settings at the Seder Table.
Working on: Fine-motor skills, handwriting, bilateral-coordination, motor planning

Cards to cut out and keep

The 10 Plagues
King Pharaoh
Passover Seder
Grape Juice
Elijah’s Cup
Seder Plate
Moses (Moshe)
Image result for miriam and passover
Burning Bush
Image result for burning bush
Four Sons
Image result for the four sons
Washing your hands
Image result for washing hands passover
River Nile
Image result for river nile passover
Bitter Herbs
Image result for bitter herbs passover
Image result for pyramid
Rabbi Akiva
Image result for rabbi akiva
Image result for afikomen