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Work Skills and Employment

Work Skills Training

About our Person Centred Approach to employment support

One of the things we do at Norwood is support adults with learning disabilities to live fulfilled and independent lives. Acquiring new skills and becoming involved in a workplace is part of this. Employment increases self-esteem and confidence, gives a person identity and helps a person to feel part of the wider community.

People who live in Norwood’s accommodation services are supported to undertake training and seek work or volunteering opportunities according to their wishes.


Norwood’s catering scheme


Catering qualifications at a Norwood Cafe. At our Kennedy Leigh Centre in Hendon and Ravenswood Village in Berkshire, our cafes support trainees with learning disabilities to develop catering skills. These eight – twelve week taster courses enable trainees to gain valuable skills and real work experience, with the aim of going on to obtain paid work within the catering industry.