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Work for Norwood FAQs

Do I have to be Jewish to work for Norwood?
No. Norwood has a multicultural workforce and wants to encourage applicants from every background. Occasionally we employ people for roles that are culturally sensitive but the role description/advert will always specify that.

Will I need to be familiar with Jewish culture and faith to be successful in obtaining a job?
No, but we would expect any potential employee to be culturally sensitive. As part of our induction programme, every new employee attends our Jewish Way of Life day. This aims to enable our staff to carry out their roles in a way that is sensitive to all aspects of the lives of those we support.

Will I be expected to dress in a certain way at work?
In most cases no. Norwood expects all employees to dress appropriately for the role they are carrying out. In some instances it is necessary to dress modestly - where that is needed, it will be explained.

How do I apply for a role?
There are two ways of applying. You can apply online or you can request a paper application form by calling us on 020 8809 8809.

Do you make reasonable adjustments for disabled candidates?
Yes, Norwood is a Two Ticks accredited employer. This means we are committed to employing people with disabilities. 

How often is the vacancy list updated?
The vacancy list is updated weekly, usually towards the end of the week.

I applied for a role and I haven’t heard anything, what should I do?
If you haven’t heard two weeks after the closing date then, unfortunately, you probably haven’t been successful. However, you can contact a member of the HR team on 020 8809 8809, who will be able to help.

When would you take a reference from my current employer?
References are only requested once you have accepted a conditional offer of employment (in other words your referees will not be contacted until you have gone through the recruitment process and a job offer is being made to you).

Is it possible to gain a qualification whilst working at Norwood?
Yes, we offer many of our staff the opportunity to gain qualifications whilst working at Norwood.

Do you provide any management development training?
Yes, we provide an extensive training schedule, both for staff already in a management role and for those working towards a management role.


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I think the best part of my job is knowing that I’m doing something that makes a difference to someone else’s life, and my role has far exceeded any expectations I had before I started. I love seeing people grow.