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Work Experience

What is work experience?

Work experience is an opportunity for people to try out and gain experience in real-life jobs/tasks in a work environment. These kinds of placements can give an understanding of the world of work and can develop a range of skills and knowledge that will be valuable in the future.

At Norwood this is offered on an unpaid basis and typically lasts for 1-2 weeks, although varying lengths may be considered.

We try to cater for different needs, but because each placement is dealt with individually we can't guarantee a placement that suits you.

How can I apply?

Please download and complete the application form and then email it to:

Download the application form

Your request will then be acknowledged and sent to the relevant department(s) for consideration. You will receive a response to your enquiry to inform you whether we can offer you a placement or not.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee to find you a place, but the more information you can provide on the form and the more flexible you are, the greater the chances that we'll be able to help you.

Before my work experience begins?

You will speak with your supervisor and you may be offered an interview to provide you with interview experience. This is an opportunity for you both to discuss in more detail the tasks and experiences you have listed in your request and for the manager to be clear about what they can offer. It will help to establish initial expectations on both sides.

You should receive a letter or email confirming what time to start, where to report to and who to ask

On my first day?

You should meet the manager as arranged. They will take you through an induction process, which will include:

  • Work experience programme / timetable for the duration of your placement
  • Health and safety
  • Tour of the building
  • Introductions to the people you will be working with and other colleagues / managers

During my first week?

You will continue with your established programme/timetable of work. At the end of the first week you should meet with your manager to discuss and review how things have gone so far.

At the end of my placement?

You should meet with your manager at the end of the placement to review and evaluate the placement overall and get some feedback on how you have performed.
















Alina's story

Alina had come from a background in education and always had a passion for Norwood.

Through a work experience placement scheme she was excited to see that there were opportunities available at Norwood.

Unfortunately there was nothing available in her chosen field but there was a placement in the Fundraising team. Alina was successful in obtaining this, which after a few weeks led to a volunteering opportunity. 

Alina found that her role in the Fundraising department was a newly discovered interest and when she was advised that there was a paid role within the department she soon applied and was successful.

Norwood helped Alina discover an unexplored passion of hers and she is enjoying the role immensely.

Alan’s Story


Alan was interested in a career in HR but didn’t know where to start. Norwood offered him the perfect opportunity of having a week’s work experience back in July 2012.

A year later when a vacancy came up in the HR department Alan thought it would be a great opportunity to develop his HR skills further.

Alan is the newest member of HR and plays a valuable role in the team. He is grateful of the work experience which allowed him to secure a paid role.