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Where your money goes

We are committed to using your money responsibly

We want you to know that your donation is valuable to us – and most importantly, to the people we support to help improve and control their own lives.

It is vital that we are responsible with your donations you give to Norwood. We do everything we can to keep administrative costs to a minimum so that your donations go directly to helping the people we support.

Everyone should be able to live the life they choose and reach their potential. We are grateful to everybody who helps Norwood make this possible.

Where our income comes from

Last year we spent £35m to pay for the services provided. This came from a combination of individuals, local authorities, companies, trusts and foundations. £12m of that £35m was voluntary income. Every year, this £12m funds our children and family support services.

How we use our funds responsibly

Many of the people we support need our help throughout their lives. We work in a wide variety of ways, constantly developing and innovating as we respond to people’s changing needs.

How your money helps

  • Your money helps to support people with learning disabilities and children and families in need in London and the South East every year
  • We provide life-changing programmes and services for children, families and adults
  • We employ 1,250 staff and are supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Maintaining existing services

These include:

Supporting new services

Recent new services have included:

  • In-Betweeners, a recreational group supporting young people with learning disabilities aged 16-25. The group helps members to socialise with their peers, develop new skills and plan their chosen activities as they move into adulthood
  • Apprenticeship scheme that provides paid employment, NVQ training and support for learning-disabled young people to achieve employment.

Purchasing specialised equipment

This includes equipment such as:

  • A van for our car wash social enterprise
  • Assistive technology infrastructure and equipment. This empowers people with mobility issues to move independently and take control of their surroundings
  • Cot beds, changing tables and hoists. These allow children and adults to bathe with dignity and sleep in a safe environment.

Undertaking vital refurbishments and capital projects

Recent projects include:

  • Refurbishment of Buckets and Spades Lodge, providing overnight stays with round-the-clock care for children
  • Natural Garden for the inclusive nursery at Kennedy Leigh
  • Bathrooms and kitchens with adaptations and specialist equipment
  • Sensory rooms in our Children and Family Centres.

We have opened new supported living flats in North West London, which provide accommodation for 14 people. Here they can maximise their independence in a safe environment.

Annual Review

The Annual Review highlight's our achievements, what we spend money on, and where that money comes from.

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How we make a difference:
Q&A with Kylie

Kylie smiling

What do you enjoy doing at In-Betweeners? Going out on trips, meeting friends of my own age. I love In-Betweeners.

How we make a difference:
David’s story

David sitting in office

I’ve always considered that the potential for development and growth, for each individual within Norwood, has clearly been supported.