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Rosh Hashanah 2016


For the year she was born.

For the year we heard Down's syndrome.
For the year we realised she'd always be 'different'.
For the year that almost broke us.

For the year she needed help.
For the years we turned to Norwood.

For the years she got frustrated and self-harmed.

For the year Norwood found her perfect house.
The year she calmed and bonded with her support worker.

For the year she started singing ABBA songs
For the year she held her new niece and kissed her head.

For the years we underestimated her.
For the years she surprised us.
For the years she made us proud.
For all the years she's been my daughter – my Rachel.

You can help families like mine. You can make sure the support they need is always there – not just for this New Year, but for every year.

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