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Building at Ravenswood

About Ravenswood

Ravenswood was set up in 1953 by four families aiming to provide education and care for their children and for others with a learning disability. Today, Ravenswood is home to 130 people with learning disabilities living in 13 registered care homes set in over 120 acres of Berkshire countryside.

For details about our planned redevelopment at the site, go here.

Our ethos

The people we support at Ravenswood come from many different backgrounds and all are enabled to adopt their own faith and culture. Jewish culture is at the centre of Ravenswood’s ethos, though, so all the facilities are kosher. Jewish festivals and high holy days are observed in all of our services.

Our services

Everyone living at Ravenswood receives person-centred care funded by their local authority. Our support team is made up of more than 300 support workers.

Sculpture of hands at Ravenswood

Ravenswood offers a vibrant Life Long Learning service. This focuses on developing independence through lifeskills courses and employment services. It is supported by Norwood’s Karten CTEC Centre which is based at Ravenswood.

Ravenswood also boasts a successful sporting programme. This gives everyone with a learning disability the opportunity to participate in sports, either within Ravenswood or using community facilities. Activities include:

  • Athletics
  • Bocca
  • Football
  • Horse riding
  • Keep fit.

Many of the people we support compete in regional, national and international competition through our medal winning Special Olympics team.  Our tandem bike riding teams also offer the opportunity to take part in sponsored bike rides which the Norwood Challenges team organises in the UK and abroad.