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Norwood's Vision

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Norwood's Vision

Strategic Review

Norwood completed its comprehensive Strategic Review in 2013, the aim of which was to develop a long-term strategy for Norwood; identifying the changes needed to address the challenges we face and enable us to be fit to for the future and continue to be at the heart of providing essential services to the Jewish and wider community.

The review involved an in-depth stakeholder engagement process called Help Shape Norwood’s Future, which invited 8,000 of Norwood’s stakeholders to provide their views. The results and analysis from the review and the stakeholder engagement process were brought together and used to develop Norwood’s strategy.

Please click here to read the results and analysis of Help Shape Norwood’s Future.

Norwood’s strategy ensures we are giving the best support, advice and guidance to the many thousands of people and their families who turn to Norwood. Please click here to read more about Norwood’s Strategy 2014-2024. The strategy will be delivered through a detailed three-year rolling business plan supported by a three-year rolling financial plan to ensure all Norwood’s activities are financially sustainable.

With our long-term strategy, Norwood will go through a period of consolidation, development, transformation and growth so we can continue to innovate, seize opportunities and thrive. In addition, it will encourage strong leadership and a committed and united workforce to evolve into the organisation it needs to be to meet future challenges. If you have any questions about Norwood’s strategy please contact

Changes to Norwood’s services – June 2016

Three years ago, we completed a year-long strategic review in consultation with all our stakeholders and two years ago, we worked to save £1.4 million on the central costs of running Norwood each year.

Now in the fourth year of our strategy, and following in-depth reviews of our children’s, education and adult services, we have decided to reshape some of our services to ensure that they are fit for the future.


What will be changing?

Following careful consideration by Norwood’s Directors and Trustees, there has been a decision to carry out the following.

  • Norwood Hope will close, and Binoh will enhance its offering with a wider menu of support for inclusion. This will build on the success of our integrated packages of support for schools.
  • We will be integrating our health and wellbeing, and life long learning opportunities within our adult services, to offer a more cost-effective, flexible and responsive programme of activities, chosen by the individual. Some of our work skills and employment activities will close and others, like our successful catering programmes, will continue. We will also reduce our offer of therapies for adults. Where the service is closed, people will be supported to choose alternative provision.
  • Norwood Drugsline drop-ins and workshops will stop running, but we will continue to support individuals and the community within our social work and counselling services, providing people with greater access to more holistic support.
  • Recreational groups at Somers Children and Family Centre in Hackney will close, but we will continue to provide family support – including our portage service for pre-school children with additional needs, and special educational and social work support – to the orthodox community.

If you would like to discuss these plans any further, please feel free to get in touch with Aaron Dryden, Business Manager – Development on