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Norwood Drugsline

Information, education & support for drug, alcohol & gambling addictions



Norwood Drugsline provides confidential information, education and support services for a range of addictions including alcohol, drug abuse and gambling.

Our professional team provides a drop-in centre, telephone support line, preventative addiction education in schools and community awareness workshops.


Drop-In Centre 

Norwood Drugsline’s  weekly drop-in service provides friendly, confidential support to people of all ages who are directly or indirectly affected by drug abuse, alcohol, gambling or other addictions.

If you are affected by any of these issues or are worried about a friend or relative’s addictive behaviour, pop in for a friendly confidential chat.

Every Thursday 6.30pm - 8.30pm

The Norwood Kennedy Leigh Family Centre, Edgeworth Close , London NW4 4HJ
No appointment is necessary.

For more information contact or leave us a message on 020 8809 8810

Live Telephone Helpline

For free confidential support, please call us on:

07850 949 477

There will be someone available to speak to between 6.30pm and 8.30pm every Thursday. 

At all other times please call and leave a message and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

020 8809 8810


Education in schools

Norwood Drugsline provides addiction education sessions and programmes designed to meet the individual needs of schools. We work closely with schools to educate pupils about drugs, substance misuse, alcohol and gambling and equip them with the ability to manage addiction, one of the most serious issues affecting young people today.

To discuss the individual requirements of your school and to book a session contact Steven Mervish at or 020 8809 8809

Community Awareness Workshops

Substance misuse and related addictions are important issues for families and the community. Norwood Drugsline offers specially designed community awareness workshops, which aim to further your knowledge, understanding and awareness about these issues. We offer practical guidance on how best to respond to and support somebody affected by addiction in your family, school or community.

Experienced speakers will present on topics that are most relevant to the local community in a candid and constructive way.

Appointments and visits are sought with the Religious and lay leadership of our communities as well as our Educational institutions to ensure that they are aware of the help and support that is available for those affected by addiction.

For more information about Norwood Drugsline services, please contact Rabbi Sufrin MBE, consultant to Norwood Drugsline on or telephone 020 8809 8809