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Educational Psychology

Helping children and young people get the most out of education

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What is educational psychology?

Educational psychology looks at how students learn and develop in educational settings. It is carried out by professionals called educational psychologists.

Educational psychologists work in a variety of ways, dealing with the difficulties children and young people experience in education. These difficulties can include learning and developmental, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Educational psychologists work directly with children and young people, individually or in groups. They also work indirectly, offering consultation with parents, teachers and a range of professionals. Other areas of work include:

  • Training schools, professional bodies and parent groups
  • Project work
  • Research
  • Evaluating a child’s progress after they have received support.

All our educational psychologists are fully qualified. They meet the requirements for registration with the British Psychological Society and are registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC).

What services do we provide?

  • Assessments of children and young people. These can include the following:
    - Classroom/nursery observations
    - Discussions with parents
    - Liaison and consultation with other professionals involved with the child or young person
    - Individual work using a variety of methods, test materials and resources
    - Feedback meetings with schools and parents to develop appropriate interventions
    - An in-depth report on the outcomes of an assessment
  • Monitoring children and young people’s progress through review meetings
  • Group work in schools for children and young people with a range of social, emotional and learning needs. This includes planning and support for transition to secondary school 
  • Consultation services to schools about individuals, groups of children and young people or whole school issues. For example, developing individual education plans, behaviour strategies or Special Educational Needs (SEN) policies, classroom management training
  • In-service training for schools and higher education institutions on a wide range of topics
  • Training and workshops for professionals, parent groups and other organisations.

Who do we support?

  • Children and young people in nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools or further education who are experiencing difficulties
  • Parents, carers and families
  • School staff in mainstream or special schools
  • Other professionals (as part of our multi-disciplinary work).

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