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Take on a challenge and change people's lives

Challenge, Camaraderie and Charity
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With over 20 years experience of challenges, thousands of inspired customers, millions of pounds raised and the unique involvement of some of the very people that benefit from your fundraising – we will test your limits of endurance, generate challenging highs and lows, create memories that will last a lifetime and an unrivalled sense of achievement.

Be part of something truly amazing – support Norwood and you can change lives.

CYCLE, TREK, RUN and involve the family...

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Each day was filled with different surprises and highlights, but the overall theme of the trip being challenged, working together and making a difference in people's lives.

Follow the highlights of our Israel 2015 bike ride

Being able to spend the week with some of the people Norwood supports was an incredibly humbling and life-changing experience. Climbing those last three kilometres into Jerusalem on the final day was a tear-jerking moment that I will never forget.

Plus sign up to two international challenges in the same year and
we'll even take £500 off your sponsorship total.

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Want to know more?

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Telephone: 020 8420 6834


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